Rooted Family Farm- established January 2019 in Montgomery, New York
by the Gonzalez and Presha families who were part of a succession plan at Windfall Farms where the Gonzalez family worked for over 30 years. The plan fell short to say the least. It was obvious through the first couple of months that our paths were heading in opposite directions. Thankfully, good people were watching and were behind us one hundred percent. After a more than crazy transition, these same good people from Greenmarket, Farm Roots, and most of all Jim Oldham and and his wonderful partners at Equity Trust and Orange County Land Trust situated us on land of our own to cultivate. When we received the green light there was no time to celebrate. There was no electricity, water, and barely any equipment.Through the generosity of those who appreciate fresh food and the labor it takes to produce it, we received a tremendous amount of help and took nothing for granted. We put everything we had into what we were given for ourselves and for all that believed in us. Within two months we were up and running making our way in clean, sustainable farming. As we continue to evolve and grow we remain dedicated to cultivating and harvesting in the handcrafted manner that has provided fresh vegetables for the Union Square Greenmarket for over 30 years.